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Your Inner Goddess…
Welcome, goddess!

Hello goddesses! I am Kristen Dorsey, a shamanic herbalist and belly dancer. I have been dancing since 2004. I have danced under a wide range of local teachers as well as a host of other well-known dancers at workshops & belly-events. I have danced in a troupe, “Daughters of Bast” and have performed at haflas, non-profit events and women’s parties. I have been teaching belly dance classes since 2009. I am currently the Director of a student troupe called “Anahita’s Divine”.

Dance is very healing for me, and I hope it will be for you as well. I began belly dancing because a friend dragged me to a class. But I kept going because it was touching a place inside me that I had long ago lost touch with: the Sacred Feminine. Every woman is sacred. Every woman is beautiful. Every woman is, as I call you, a goddess! Belly dance is one way to touch this sensual, magical place within ourselves. We are safe with our sisters, there is no danger here, relax and allow the goddess within you to unfold. Want to hear from other women how belly dance has empowered their lives? Watch “The Return of the Goddess”, below. This video was done by several of my dance students. 

There is no “right way” to belly dance. American Belly Dance is a cross-cultural fusion of various folk dances. These indigenous dances come from the Middle East, Far East and Northern Africa. This is why belly dance is also referred to as “Oriental Dance” and “Raqs Sharqi”. If you have taken classes in the past, the names I use to refer to the moves we learn may be different than what you are used to. That’s OK!

Finally, a word about the original intent of belly dance. Regardless of what country we are talking about, the  original purpose of belly dance was to honor the Creator and to encourage a sense of community among women. American entertainers altered the form & intent of the dance for cabaret & night club dancing. NO DOUBT– Belly dance is sensual and feminine, but it is not originally a dance of sexual seduction!

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Thanks and shimmies~


“Belly dancing did more for my self worth than just about anything I have tried. It made me feel strong, beautiful, sexy & capable but for ME. No one else, no man, no “out there” just me. That self confidence is priceless” -B.S.